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Shinex Steel- The Leading Brass Supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Vadodara, Gujarat. we can supply you any alloy of brass you need as per your requirement, Sheets, Plates, Coil, Shims, Strips, Die Plate, Pipe, Angle etc. With Shinex Steel Overseas comprehensive line of nonferrous metals and alloys, a wide variety of precision processing capabilities and a focus on pres and post customer service that is unmatched in the industry, our Copper, and Brass Sales has helped earn a reputation as a leading metals service provider with each and every order.

The extrusions we carry in brass (square bar, rectangular bar & round) are alloy 360, well known as free machining brass and as the name implies, it has good machinability, but it is not suited for forming applications. If you need 330 brass, naval bronze, or some other exotic alloy, just give us a call and we will deliver it to you as per your specifications in the stipulated time frame.

The range of copper alloys which is Brass almost, covers machining alloys, bending alloys, riveting alloys, spinning alloys and deep drawing alloys to name a few, these descriptions Brass Copper Alloys signify the wide range of applications for which the Brass metal is used. And moreover the addition of aluminium, iron, manganese, and silicon to the alloy mixture provides added strength and hardness, whilst the addition of elements such as aluminium, tin, and arsenic give improved corrosion resistance, the addition of a controlled amount of lead to brass alloys produces what is known as free machining brass. Free machining brass is designed specifically for high speed, efficient component manufacture. A leaded bronze will usually have better machining characteristics than an unleaded bronze. However, retains a plasticity that makes it ideal for applications such as the production of bearings as it allows slacker tolerance to be absorbed if softer shaft materials are used, this also prevents the overheating and seizure of like metals caused by friction.

Shinex Steel Overseas is a pioneer and a very well know organization in the market, just connect with us for any your requirements in Brass, we are known Brass Suppliers across the industry.