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Shinex Steel- The Leading Copper Fitting Supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Vadodara, Gujarat. These fittings are highly durable and resistant to rust. It is also recyclable and hence does not harm the environment in any way. It is also very compatible for carrying water, hence, ideal for fittings in plumbing. Its malleable structure is a helpful component in the manufacturing of various things, such as wrought objects. Listed below is the dimensional tolerance of our fittings. Copper fittings are used for many different connection types.

Copper fitting is connected to a copper pipe using soldering method. Materials needed to solder the pipe and fitting together are: Pipe cutter - cuts the copper tubing to a desired length. Each term has been defined below. Fittings can have male, female, or threaded ends. These aspects determine how a fitting should be installed. Copper Fittings solutions made available by us are the best available in the market both in terms of quality and price. These copper fittings are imported from leading suppliers and exporter are used with copper headers for joining purposes. Further, available in different sizes and design shapes as per the specific end usage requirements. The carbon level on internal surfaces do not exceed 1.0 mg/dm in accordance with specifications.

Resistance to stress corrosion- The fittings are resistant to stress corrosion. Components manufactured from alloys will show no evidence of cracking. Copper fittings are designed to form a joint between two metals using screw threads, compression fits, or soldering. However, soldering requires additional steps and items. The necessary materials have been listed.

Instructions for Installation of copper fittings:

  • • Ensure cut the tube end square but ensure. That the tube retains its shape. The tube will then make even contact with the tube stop in the body of the fitting.
  • • Remove any burrs from the tube, both inside and outside.
  • • Apply a flux to both the socket and the outside of the tube. If it is necessary to make the joint at one end only, insert a short length of uncleansed tube into the ends to be left unjoined and keep it cool.
  • • Insert the tube fully into the fitting. Do not apply excessive heat or additional solder.
  • • Wipe the joint with a damp cloth and Flush all residues out of the system, as soon as possible.